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Michael Jordan, LeBron James and 5 of the Biggest Sports Endorsement Deals
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  • When it comes to shoe contracts, Nike's stable still dominates the top of the list.
  • Michael Jordan Heads The Highest-Paid Athletes Of All-Time With $1.7 Billion.
  • Michael Jordan’s Net Worth Reminds Us That He’s Still the Greatest | Fanbuzz.
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vingkesigfastbull.ml/mujeres-en-avila.php Four years later, Jordan bought out the majority shareholder to become the first former NBA player to become the majority owner of a franchise. From Poverty To Power: Celebrities Who Started With Nothing. Jordan enjoys a host of luxuries in his daily life, including his own private jet, which he had painted Carolina blue, and a foot mega-yacht.

Michael Jordan: Introduction Michael Jordan: Early Life and Education Michael Jordan: Success Story Michael Jordan: Net Worth Michael Jordan: Famous or Infamous Michael Jordan: Most Influential Quotes. Related Articles.

11. Giannis Antetokounmpo (TIE)

The career of a professional athlete is usually relatively brief. Pelicans odds, sims SportsLine's advanced computer model simulated Thursday's Thunder vs. John Duffley , February 14, 3: LeBron is no slouch when it comes to monetizing his superstardom as well. Shares of sports apparel leader Nike raced past the competition from to , then fell to the back of the pack.

I mean, his list of career achievements on a basketball court would be hard to accumulate if you were playing a video game. According to Forbes , Jordan is the highest paid athlete of all time , and here is how he built his fortune:. Compared to other players during his time, Michael Jordan was only the highest-paid player in the NBA for two of his 15 professional seasons.

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  • LeBron James and Kevin Durant are the top active players, but Michael Jordan is still No. 1;

The biggest Jordan sponsor, not surprisingly, is Nike. That makes 32, points, 5, assists, 6, rebounds, 2, steals, a Carolina Blue private jet, his own Florida golf course set to open in , and 1. John Duffley , February 14, 3: NBA Scottie Pippen:

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NBA legend Michael Jordan took ownership control of the team in pushed Jordan's net worth to $ billion in Forbes' billionaires' list this month. TV contracts, an owner-friendly labor deal and the best international. CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 8: Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan It was off the court that Jordan rose to unprecedented heights with endorsement deals with . of May (the cutoff for Forbes most recent Celebrity list).