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Literature Is Powerful. Literature Defines Humanity.

My journal is a person to whom I send emails to. I wish that I could share it with the world so that anyone who is going through what I have gone through could find solace in it. But my fear of becoming vulnerable always stop me in my tracks. Loved the article on Suzanne Corso. She has inspired me. This has given me encouragement. God bless and thank you! Thanks for the great information. I am working on a memoir. The subject matter is very painful and at times I just have to walk away and take a break. I am looking forward to reading your book. I never thought about making the story fiction, my goal has always been narrative non-fiction.

I am looking forward to seeing how you made that work. Love this line… "Some people lived in the real world and others lived in Brooklyn. Wow, what a wonderful story of how your book came to life.

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This sounds like a great story! Good work at making me curious. Your story sounds compelling. I would love to read it. You were meant to tell your story, as healing for you, and to touch others. God knows what he is doing. Writing about my experiences was catharctic. At the same time, on my own and with the subsequent help of Pen To Press, I realized changes were needed to make my own story better fiction.

Taking a manuscript to the next, removed level is actually very freeing! It was great to read about the wonderful effects of writing and your success. The most authentic writing comes from those who are chosen to write rather than those who choose to.

Suzanne, I am so glad I read your post. I really relate to you! I am working on my first novel now, begging to be written. But it is very scary putting that much of your soul out for someone to read. And where do you draw the line between fact and fiction as you get carried away in your emotions? It is awesome that the first thing you did once you had the contract in your hand was to go to the church and pray.

I look forward to reading Brooklyn Story—it sounds like a book of authentic valor and self redemption—one written from the heart. Wow, just saw the random post thing and dude, a free book? I love real life stories, better than most fiction. Suzanne I will definitely read your work.

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Your book would be a great encouragement to me. Your post really intrigues me. I teach middle school language arts and we talk about writers and how they begin their craft. I am fascinated how people transform their lives into fiction, and how they make me want to read about it. Your book sounds fascinating, I love your opening.

I look forward to reading it.

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I have been wanting to write both fiction and non-fiction. Just the other day a couple friends of mine said I need to write about my life. That I have such ridiculous and sad things happening for the last few years, and that I make it all sound amusing. And now I see this.

Problems with fictional characters never actually happened, so there are no hard feelings. Brooklyn Story sounds fantastic! Love your advice about taking your life experiences and using them in your writing. I think for writers, every experience both good and bad and maybe, especially bad influence what we write. Anyway, thanks for the post and hope to read Brooklyn Story very soon! I am 58 years old.

I won a prize for reading the most library books at the age of 9. Never thought to write.

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At 40 I looked at the wreckage of emotional garbage and decided to go beneath the surface and find the monster. Took me 10 years of personal journaling the fear, the hatred, the loss. I cried buckets, snorted carpet hairs in grief and leaned into the pain. I found a tapestry of golden threads.

I embrace my past, I love the woman in the mirror. I love the child in me. I am not a writer just a woman putting her thoughts down. I love reading stories of others who have taken the brokenness of their lives and found the beauty. Takes courage to put it out there. A life story just does not have a traditional plot. Any advice would be welcome.

I, too, have had to learn to embrace my past in order to begin writing about them and move forward. Though I will always be haunted by much of my past, writing about it is the most therapeutic process by which to deal with it. Thanks for sharing your process here and your story in the book. I look forward to reading it and being inspired by it. What an inspiring post! Not an easy thing to do.

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I like your advice about writing the ending first and knowing that everything turns out well. All the best to you. I started writing songs, rhymes, cartoons and short stories when I was 8. I began writing for the same reason as you; my life was full of situations and individuals to make me go insane. Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana. I surely believe that literature has a great role to play in the society. To make us a better human beings literature plays a great role. At least we become sensitive and start taking our roles and responsibilities towards society seriously.

We also become sensitive towards other human beings.

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Login here for access. We all enter into this world, not by chance but in response to a calling. Political turmoil, societal injustice, and genocidal conquest can all be ended and resolved in the form of literature. But I could not have anticipated how much I learned about the value of reading, in every area of life, through the English major; nor did I see its potential to shape me as a writer. I look forward to reading it and being inspired by it.

And our family and social relations depend upon our sensitivity towards other. If one aspect of our life is science and technology, then the other aspect which is more important is human relationships which if not satisfying can lead to disastrous consequences and can be the reasons for a number of psychological disorders.

Literature teaches us how we can be happy and satisfying in our means. However, at the same time it depend upon the person also how he takes it. But still the ultimate message of literature should be understood and taken positively. Nile University of Nigeria.

Somebody in this forum was asking where Eagleton was critiquing the liberal humanist and social realist's idea of the use of literature. I suggest he or she should go and read Introduction to literary theory very well, especially the conclusion on practical criticism, where Eagleton was critiquing what the liberal humanists and social realists think literature's use is or should be. National University of Colombia.

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. In addition to some of the classical works mentioned above, there are modern writings on the ethical function of literature. Maybe start with the essays in Nussbaum's "Love's Knowldege. There is no doubt that literature develops better understanding about life, about relationships. It certainly exposes you to the myriad lanes and by-lanes of life. Literature not only sensitizes you to important issues but it certainly makes you realize your own level of sensitivity and insensitivity.

It ignites a spark in you. There are certain habits, behavior, unique ways of doing things which are very insulting or humiliating to others but we keep doing them unknowingly. Literature shows us the mirror. We came upon it and I started digging through the books and came upon a book, a Faber anthology of modern British poetry, which I think came out in the late thirties.

Hopkins was the first poet, Dylan Thomas the last. It was my first encounter with modern British poetry—the first time I read Eliot and Auden, for example, who became very important to me. I discovered them in the Egyptian desert in a half-ruined book. This book had an enormous impact on me—I think that was when I began to think seriously about writing poetry. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja. I think that you talk about two differents things. One is the plot of the books that you read: Spanish writter Cervantes says in the "Quixote": This is the other question: Dear Ile, it is never good to make shaky generalizations.

The fact is that most of what we learn comes from reading just because reading gives us experiences that we usually do not get from reality. In fact, reading is a shortcut to a great variety of experiences. We learn a lot by reading.

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It is almost necessary to conclude that reading literature, among other things we can a do read, brings us intuitions and knowledge that definitely improve our lives by making us more knowledgeable, more learned in many subjects, and better critics, as many thins we read do not agree among themselves. Much more people kill other people because they want money or other property. Frankly, Ile, your conclusion is not logically correct, nor correct in real life.

Literature and reading do makes us better. Dear Ramos-Collado, I don't know what is there that is not logical in my conclusion: You see, literature can never act of its own: And if one has knowledge and keeps it to oneself, the one has it for its own sake. But if one tries to apply the knowledge, that knowledge becomes functional. I have watched an FBI documentary of a writer, who wrote about crimes, in fact his novels depicted the life of a serial killer and his escapades.

It turned out that the writer was the perpetrator of the series of serial killing he had depicted in his works. Indeed, when we choose to do good with the knowledge or experiences we have, it is just because we have decided to align ourselves with the good forces of the universe that are pressing toward the ideal.

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Some may probably propelled by some bad forces beyond their control choose to align themselves with bad forces! Again, dear Lillian Ramos-Collado, regarding what you said about shaky generalizations and statistics, I don't know how it is not a shaky generalization to think, as you put, that. You see, we almost always make statements that others may consider a generalization.