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  1. Coupon Categories And Subcategories For Organizing Coupons.
  2. Coupon Categories And Subcategories For Organizing Coupons.
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Plus, you'll get a free 12 month Declutter calendar for ! I would love to hear from you, sharing your thoughts, questions, or ideas about this topic, so leave me a comment below. I try to always respond back! How To Get Organized: They are the coupon binder ad the coupon box or wallet. Many people use a coupon binder to organize coupons. To make one, create tabs for each of your main coupon categories see above and dividers for your subcategories if needed , and place them in a large, sturdy three ring binder. Place the coupons in special divider plastic sleeves, such as for baseball cards, or those shown below designed for coupons.

EASY DIY: How to organized coupons with a binder - yesidavila1

Then, carry your binder with you on all your shopping trips and flip to the right page to retrieve coupons as needed. The other option for organizing clipped coupons is to place them in a coupon wallet or coupon box. Basically, all of these types of coupon organizer systems are portable filing cabinets for your coupons where, instead of retrieving coupons by flipping pages in a binder you thumb through the tabs and fing the coupons where you filed them.

Click here for free printable opens into new window as 2 page PDF. If you'd like to join a small community of others who are all commmitted to these organizing challenges and decluttering missions, and want more interaction with me, as well as weekly group coaching sessions for the upcoming week's challenge, I'd urge you to join the private and exclusive Declutter Premium Facebook group you can learn more about it at the link. I've got more detailed instructions at the link. Join over , others and get tips, articles and organizing challenges sent directly to your inbox to help you get your house in order. After all, what good are coupons if you can't find them and use them before they expire? In addition, when you compare grocery prices with a grocery price book you can save money just by getting things when they're at their rock bottom low sales price, even without coupons.

Here's one of the best explanations of how to organize coupons using a coupon box or wallet I've found. I've embedded the video of Carrie Isaac's explanation below because sometimes "seeing" how someone does it makes a lot more sense than me explaining it in writing. Although Carrie uses a box for her organizational system, unless you do a lot of couponing a simpler wallet will most likely work for you, if you choose this method. By the way, Carrie is the author of a great course which is now sold by Crystal from Money Saving Mom, called Grocery University which is an audio course about how to use coupons effectively to actually lower your grocery bill.

You can click the link to read my review here on the site of this course. I've taken it myself, and definitely learned some good things!

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  • How To Organize Coupons So You Can Find And Use Them When You Want?
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To the right is a small expandable file coupon wallet, which is perfect for someone who does not clip many coupons, and therefore does not need to have lots of categories. It is small and light weight, so it is easily portable and not too unwieldy. You've got to regularly add new coupons and cull old expired coupons from your organizational system, or it will quickly become useless and outdated.

Therefore, the fifth step in the Organize Coupons Challenge is to get in the habit of adding new coupons to your organizational system about once a week. In addition, since many coupons expire at the end of the month get in the habit around the beginning of the month of combing through your coupons to remove all the expired ones.

1. Get a sturdy zipper binder that’s at least 3 inches.

Remember, you can do these steps while watching TV or listening to music, or if your kids are old enough you can enlist their help in these tasks and make couponing a family affair! Please note that you can donate your expired coupons to military families living overseas , if you're interested. I've got more detailed instructions at the link.

The sooner that you organize your coupons, the sooner you will start maximizing your savings. Here is how to get started using a binder to sort. If you can find a binder with a built-in front pocket and a strap, even better! The pocket in the front is perfect for storing the coupons you plan to.

In addition, coupons generally follow cycles, similar to sales cycles, so even if you didn't get a chance to use a particular coupon before it expired don't feel bad or make a special trip just to use it. Instead, be patient and a similar coupon will most likely come back around again. If you've got a lot of gift cards you can take a couple minutes this week and organize these as well. The advantages of this include not forgetting that you even have them to spend, not losing them, and using the entire balance off of them instead of letting money get basically wasted.

I've written an article on how to organize gift cards that can give you some simple tried and true ideas. But these items are only helpful if you can actually find what you need when you want to pull something from your stockpile, it is still fresh, not expired when you want to use it, and it takes up an appropriate amount of space in your home and is not instead clutter.

2. Separate each section with these free decorative inserts.

First, you should declutter excess from your stockpile , such as all the items you don't actually have room for, can't use within a reasonable period, or that have gotten too old or expired to use. You can read the linked Declutter mission for more tips. Next, once you've gotten rid of the excess you should organize what you've got left. I've written an article with my best stockpile organization and storage tips , along with lots of reader photos showing practical real life ways they've organized their own stockpiles.

Take time this week to get your own stockpile in order so your couponing efforts don't go to waste. I would love to know how this week's Organize Coupons Challenge is going. You can tell me your progress or give me more ideas for how you've organized this area of your life below in the comments.

5 Easy Steps to Create and Maintain Your Coupon Binder - The Krazy Coupon Lady

I also love before and after pictures of your couponing systems, and explanations of what you've done to make it work for you and your family. The most popular way to do this is by using a coupon binder. But, that is not the only method of organizing your coupons. There is nothing worse than getting home to see that you forgot to use that coupon! When you organize your coupons, it does not mean they are alphabetized.

Instead, it just means they have order so that you can find them when you need them. There are different coupon organizing systems you can try, so you can use the one that works best for you. You may need to try a couple of them before you find the right one for you. One option for coupon organization is to purchase an accordion file similar to the one below and place your weekly inserts into it, grouped by date.

This is a popular method because it does not require you to cut out your coupons until you need them. Add tabs for each month of the year. Then, clip together multiple inserts from the same date.

How to Organize Your Coupons in Minutes

Finally, write the date on the cover and file it away! Then, before you shop, you find the coupon you need and clip it only then and use it. That way, you save lots of time trying to clip, sort and organize on a weekly basis. You can then access the coupon database to find the coupons you need to clip before you shop. There are usually anywhere from 6 — 10 sections within the case, so you can organize your coupons.

There are also tabs where you can add labels to help you find the ones you need. This system is the best one for someone who is new at using coupons or even a casual couponer.

There are no labels on the tabs, so you will want to add your own. Here are some sample categories you may want to consider.