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reviews for TwinkleDeals, stars: "Ordered nice hooded jacket, really Happy after ordering a bikini online, and paying for expedited shipping, its been 3. Do you trust Twinkledeals? Join customers in voicing your opinion today! | udedosit.gq | Read Reviews out of

Mis primeros pedidos Wonderful shopping Bad quality More. I recieved the parcel on 25th August but only half the item was there. The halter If you want something for yourself, stay away. I ordered this Hi, Thank you for your time and I hope you are well today. I am contacting you in There was poor workmanship in sewing the fabric darts on the arms leaving Thank You for Your Reply!

We are processing your message. At the meantime, you can review all your communications with review authors. Comment review. Private message. I trully consider shopping again here, for me or for other gifts too. I have no interest in making this review, all I want is to share my honest opinion and experience. I see that some people had bad experiences but I guess things like that can happen, in my case it didn't.

Tip for consumers: Read carefully the descriptions of the fabrics and especiallly the size chart when buyng clothing in order to choose the perfect size for you. Pay attention to the description of all elements and especially the size of the dial when buying a wrist watch. If you buy jewelry pay attention to the description of the materials because some are just silver plated and you can notice that also because cost less. Me gusta mucho esta web, sobre todo por sus complementos que son muy variados y de muy buena calidad. He comprado ya en varias ocasiones y me gusta mucho sus productos.

I am really happy with shopping in this store. My order arrived fairly quickly shipping to Poland. Clothes are good quality and a good size. In the store are a huge selection of different things - clothes, accessories, jewelry! I recommend - I will definitely buy something more.

The minus is that the order can be separated into 2 or 3 packages. Overall, it is not a big problem! Thinkledeals has nice dresses and the customer service are always dedicated to me when I need information. They also have great prices!! I did about 8 orders from you All clothes, watches and shoes are very good material. I have bought 2 dresses and 2 blouses from Twinkledeals and I am very satisfied. Whenever I wear them at my office, my colleagues are impressed with the way they look so they ask me from where I have bought them.

This is one of my favorite online stores! Every order has been on time if not delivered earlier than told. I've ordered clothes, shoes, jewelry, blankets and not once was I disappointed! Also makes great gifts for my family since I live on a tight budget because my boys were extremely happy with the hoodies, my girls loved the sandals and my granddaughter takes her mermaid blanket everywhere she goes! I ordered a coat from Twinkle deals, I had read the reviews and I knew that the "coat" would be very thin.

What I was not expecting however was just the incredibly poor quality of this "garment". I received it in a few weeks which is the best thing I have to say about them and I opened the package to try it on.

The first thing I noticed was one of the buttons had been crunched in the mail and fell off onto the floor. No way to sew it back on. I tried it on and as I noticed all the details I was actually laughing to myself. The sleeves were not bad. I will say that, but the main part of the jacket was just a mess. The buttons weren't sewn on the right places so it fit all wrong. It's not flattering. It's made in a way that hugs the breast, but is super roomy in the hips. It makes you look wide in the hips and flat in the chest.

The "pockets" had about a 3 inch opening if even. Honestly, if I wanted to look like the cheapest, poorest, chintziest person in my city, all I would have to do is put this garbage bag on. There is just no way to describe it. But I can't even use it for rags because it's thin, slippery material. Not good for anything: The clothes were not even close to what they looked like in the pics. All the clothes i ordered and were delivered 3 months after purchase went straight to the trashcan.

Gelukkig heb ik niet eerst gegoogled anders had ik missvhien niets besteld. Ik heb 2 hele jurkjes en een shirt voor een habbekrats bemachtigd. Artikelen doen vollecig aan beschrijving en zijn ruimschoots binnen de levertijd geleverd. Heleen Verstijlen. I ordered some christmas cookie cutters over a month ago and still haven't received them. Keep trying to contact there customer support but I get no where. They send me a link for tracking information which is invalid.

They say they offer a 30 day guarantee but if you don't even get your order by then what good is it. I'll be contacting my credit card next to dispute the charge. When I contacted them asking for a refund due to payment for expedited shipping, they didn't respond. I also received the same message about 5 to 10 day delivery. According to Fedex, only the label has been created. Worst company ever.

I ordered a small area rug and I was not pleased with the quality. Per their instructions, I tried to contact them three times via email to discuss a return. No one ever responded. I will not order from them again. Buyer beware! Sent wrong size clothes then acted like they didn't receive return and didn't refund my money. It appears that this Twinkle Deals is a big rip off why doesn't someone do something like making sure they aren't able to sell anything else.

I'm so glad I searched because the website looks a lot like another website called Rosewholesale don't buy from them either, because you will certainly be sorry you did so you won't get your money back and the quality is so poor. And another thing PayPal supports these company so are they aware of the poor service and quality.

I intend on letting them know as well.

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Ordered 3 shower curtains one was ok. The other two were absolutely not as pictured! Customer service is awful. Product does not correspond to the image at all. I ordered a shower curtain with a picture of an elephant and received a shower curtain with a blurry brown pattern, the image was so pixelized, it was impossible to recognize the pattern. Tried to get a refund for 3 months, they have been sending me fake return proofs and I never saw my money. This website should be closed, it is incredible they're still operating! Oh dear. I wish I had read the reviews on here before I placed my order.

If you haven't done so already, please dont use this firm. Save yourself a headache.

TwinkleDeals Headquarters

I dont know how this company are still operating a business. I placed my order 12 days ago and it still hasnt been shipped. I have sent 2 messages, neither have been replied to. No communication. What a crap way to run a business. Either get on with sending me my goods, or give me back my money! Dont fob me off with a copy and pasted reply about shipping or something.

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Your words "Some order can take between business days to process" well it beyond that now, so sort it out please. Finally got half of my order today Nov. I have to use Google translate to figure out wtf it says. It works! So they also respond, which is a bonus. It took about 24 hours or a bit more but less then 2 whole days. But I kept seeing freakin ads for it and one day I saw something Jim had bought for me and was wondering why it was on Rosewholesale of all places. He bought me a bikini from Vessos before I knew it was one of the related companies.

I had sent him a link to buy it for me. So, I see my bikini and then I saw so many other gorgeous things and was hooked. I decided to take the plunge and discover myself how awful they might be. The dresses I chose both had customer reviews and I was happy with the honesty in them. This site posts legit reviews. THAT is a bonus. If you are reviewing and all you see is super positive stuff, take that seriously too.

EVERY company has good and bads! For instance, I recently left a review of a hair straightener I bought from Style House. THAT review never showed up.

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The ONE review they do have is from some white chic and seems like the company itself posted it, or that she was paid to do it. So not all good reviews are for a good company. Back to Rosewholesale: The dresses I chose also have white models but one of them had an uploaded picture from a customer and i could see the differences in the dress online and hers.

This is that dress: Asian chiffon is actually polyester. NEVER real chiffon.

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Real chiffon is a high quality fabric and usually made of silk, so fair warning. However, if sewn right, the poly chiffon can look really pretty. I ordered this dress because, again, it is sewn in a way that is practically guaranteed to fit and the costomer reviews were honest and great! Here is that dress: I figure if it was crap then no harm done.

If it at least fits like a bra then I count it as a win. Here is that top: So now I am playing the waiting game. You know, now that I think of it, I think I should post this on my blog… lol maybe I should have started there. No seriously, give me your affection. Ok another note if you use Ebay!

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Try searching up what you want! Sometimes the clothes you see in the online stores are also listed on Ebay by the same companies, and usually with FREE shipping. A quick word about Asian sellers on Ebay: I cannot express how often my item never shows up or is absolute, complete shit. I suppose the opportunity has yet to present itself. If you eff up I leave appropriate feedback. I have ordered from Charity ebay sellers a few times. If I think of more I will add it. You know what? Hopefully it helps peeps out there!

And after all that: I will never ever stop ordering from China, so Donald Trump you can just go and..

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Notes about Rosewholesale: So far I have made 2 other orders from Rosewholesale. I am still unsure about whether or not I should be disappointed! Now, I made two other orders because: The items I wanted all had reviews and those reviews were amazing honest, well put, mostly positive 3. Now, I can sew so I figured that I can order the larger sizes and if they are too big I can fix em, if they fit then no harm done! There are some pretty fantastic pictures uploaded by the people who bought the items, those are a GREAT representation of the products on the site.